The Full Moon Effect


The Full Moon Effect is meant to showcase individuals who have realized their own inherent beauty. This project is a celebration of their self-confidence, their self-respect, their rejection of other people’s standards of beauty for their own, and – of course – their bodies. This is not meant for people who want to bare their bodies for attention, bragging rights, or a self-esteem boost by being told later that they are “hot” – nor is this appropriate for people willing to judge or ridicule others’ bodies. For some, the process of being photographed naked is actually a helpful aid in becoming comfortable with their bodies. Since only the individuals can know their true intentions behind wanting to be involved with this project, hopefully they will be honest with me and – more importantly – with themselves about their readiness to be seen in the nude.

Two other goals (which may seem to contradict each other at first) of this endeavor are both meant to change the relations between the naked body and sex. It often seems that sex remains a taboo subject – still viewed as “dirty” although it is a completely natural and healthy part of life. On television, violent scenes are frequently shown more explicitly than lovemaking. Also, when a woman says that she actually likes to have sex, she can readily expect to be called a “slut” or face some other negative reaction. The realization needs to be reached that sex can be beautiful in its own rights – and that people should be able to enjoy it, speak about it openly and honestly, and celebrate it. So on one hand, a goal of this project is to pay tribute to the sexuality of the body. On the other hand, a realization needs to be reached that the naked body is not purely sexual. Showing people doing everyday activities – besides having sex and bathing – in the nude will hopefully help remove this deep-set notion.

This project took place during 2004 and 2005.