Creative Divergents

Creative Divergents is a few things: an online showcase, a competition, an experiment, a creative networking site… Some of the things it has been founded on include an appreciation for people willing to push boundaries in creative ways, the desire to bring more attention to works that may not fit neatly into easily defined categories, and a belief in the significance of dialogue.

From 2009 to 2015, Creative Divergents showcased works from around the world and gave out thousands of dollars in awards. The project is currently on hiatus.

Above images, starting at top left:

Phillip Stearns, Winter 2009 Award
Hye Yeon Nam, Summer 2010 Award
Lin Zhang, Winter 2010 Award
Nick Rodrigues, Summer 2011 Award
Benjamin Grosser, Winter 2011 Award
Jessica Tankersley, Summer 2012 Award