Break the Silence Project

I launched Break the Silence Project in 2009, showcasing submissions of creative work related to sexual violence from people around the world. People addressed rape culture, sex trafficking, date rape, childhood sexual abuse, the emotional and mental impact of sexual violence, personal stories, survival, and more - through songs, photography, videos, sculpture, poetry, drawings, and other media. Unfortunately, the site was hacked and I have not yet been able to recreate it. This was an incredible project to work on, and I do hope to bring it back some day.

From the no-longer-existing "About" page:

Sexual violence affects everyone. It can happen to anyone - regardless of gender, age, location, race, class, ability, or lifestyle. If you have not experienced it yourself, the unfortunate reality is that someone close to you probably has.

While resources continue to grow, many factors can make it difficult for those who have experienced sexual violence to speak out about it or get the support that they may want. When it's not talked about, the consequences and impact that this issue has for all of us cannot be fully realized.

Break the Silence Project encourages the exploration of issues surrounding sexual violence through creative means in order to promote self-expression, to provide a possibility for healing and community-building, and to further raise public awareness and dialogue on these subjects.

2009 - 2012

Above images, starting at top left:

By Lavinia Terletchi, Toronto, ON, Canada
By Dorothea Czarnecki, La Antigua Guatemala, C.A
By Amber Johnston