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yup, i’m on instagram

  • Regram from @samboolance . Yay for long time friends!
  • Sometimes it's nice to pretend I'm not in a city.
  • #WhatsYrPassion @nufsaidhq
  • My
  • Had to come downtown anyway. Wish I had my stuff with me so I could write.
  • Fun fact: Left up to its own devices, my hair has curls up the wazoo. Happy fourth!
  • Cuteness from earlier today.
  • Couldn't bring a sword because of the kids so he swallowed a super long balloon instead.
  • What a goof.
  • Strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Ain't the prettiest, but they'll do! #vegan
  • Just came across a drawing I did for Anthony during my last trip to see him. He wanted:
  • Imaginary buildings.


Looking for people to brainstorm with who are interested in addressing issues related to violence. Does that sound like you? Please do get in touch!

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Redacted #5 | Cardoza, Kerry. “Theater.” Chicago Reader 21 August 2014: 25. Print. Read more →

I have been concerned with questions related to anonymity, surveillance, and privacy for a long time now. These concerns have been ramping up over the past year and a half, largely due to my work here in helping to create a youth-led platform of which one purpose is for young people in Chicago to connect to each other and organize around issues the Read more →

Redacted #4 | “Movie Reviews.” Chicago Reader 21 August 2014: 31. Print. Read more →

about me

I am a vegan artist, advocate, and chocolate-lover. Born outside of Boston, raised in Kentucky, and living in Chicago. I am passionate about social justice and have devoted a good chunk of my life to working with youth, queer communities, and people who have experienced violence.

Disclaimer: As with much in life, this bio is subject to change.