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    In February, I started a creative writing class at SAIC (thanks to the Judith Dawn Memorial Fund). It’s been a really cool, though sometimes challenging, experience so far. Getting feedback from other people is helpful, and it’s great to gain exposure to a wide range of work and ideas.

    I was able to get “Parts of the Whole” workshopped, which is a series of vignettes related to different parts of my body. Thanks to the group’s insights, I’ll probably end up spending a lot more time reworking it. But a preliminary version will go out as the text for my submission to The Sketchbook Project.

    Another nonfiction piece in process uses my senior year of high school as the jumping off point. The original impetus for it came out of reflections on my own experiences in high school (thanks to working in one now), as well as thinking about the instability of memory and how relationships shift over time. It has turned out to be a bigger, harder project than I originally intended. With so many other unfinished projects already out there, I’m trying to decide if this is one I want to pursue.

    In other news…

    I’ve been trying to carve out time to bring back Stay Kind! with a more focused vision based on giving profits to causes. One of the dilemmas I’ve been trying to sort out is the balance between ethical printing practices and low costs.

    The project I work with submitted a panel proposal to the DML2015 Conference. We found out yesterday that it was accepted, which is pretty exciting!

    Dr. Jan Oaks passed away earlier this month. She was a professor in the University of Kentucky’s Gender & Women’s Studies department and one of my mentors. I had been thinking about reaching out to her. Another reminder not to put things off.

    I am currently taking a break from social media channels. It has raised a strange fear that my friends will forget about me if I’m not showing up in their feeds somehow. But the relief of being removed from those spaces is even greater right now. I’m not trying to disconnect from folks though. Please do stay in touch via mail, email, calls, or texts.

    And last, Hemingway is a fun tool. I ran this article through it.

    [Despite how much I would like to provide more regular updates, I am still not having much success with actually getting them done. I am trying to learn how to be intentional about sharing the process behind things I am working on, even when they aren’t ready yet. And for these blog posts, I am trying to remind myself that sharing an unpolished update is better than nothing at all. Working on it.]


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