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  • That wasn't there the last time I was here...
  • Sneak peek of a drawing I'm about to send out.
  • In my head, he sounds like Eeyore.
  • Took a little detour on my way back to the car after a meeting this morning.
  • This is how our 13 yr old pup says
  • Best lunch. First Thai iced tea since I've been vegan. Vegan chicken nuggets and seafood tom yum soup. And Thriller!
  • New bed just came in for our Great Dane, so obviously...
  • There was a surprise waiting for me at the door today!
  • Someone snuck into bed with me last night. Woke up with this happening beside me.
  • When you walk into a museum on a whim, get the weird feeling that there will be pictures of people you know on the wall, and then confirm that some of your friends were there when the photos were taken.
  • So excited! Spirited Away and a super thin LED light pad from my sweetie!
  • I had no idea these pythons existed. Am kinda in love.

about me

I am a vegan artist, advocate, and chocolate-lover. Born outside of Boston, raised in Kentucky, and living in Chicago. I am passionate about social justice and have devoted a good chunk of my life to working with youth, queer communities, and people who have experienced violence.

Disclaimer: As with much in life, this bio is subject to change.