• Unfacebooking and other updates

    Lots of time between updates equates to lots of updates. In this one: The Sketchbook Project, Unfacebooking, old projects, lots of zines, and ch- ch- ch- changes.

    The Sketchbook Project
    Since my last update, I sent out my submission to The Sketchbook Project. I didn’t get to spend the time on it that I wanted to, but it’s done and will be making its way through 11 cities as part of the 2015 tour. The tour dates are currently listed on The Sketchbook Project’s Events page.

    I took a break from social media following my last post. In some ways, it’s been refreshing to be disconnected. There’s not much I feel like I’m missing out on. Ironically though, I’ve also discovered some accounts I think I’d actually get something out of following. As I’ve been working on bringing back some old projects, it’s also become clear how integral social media is to connecting to folks.

    Reviving Old Projects
    Stay Kind! is coming back. Slowly, but surely. It’ll have a bit more of a mission than it did before. New issues of my perzine, Ima Eat You!, are also on their way, along with reprints of the old issues. They’ll be available on Stay Kind! so stay tuned.

    More Zines
    I also recently received a copy of Falling Apart: A zine on death, grief, mourning & loss from Zippity Zinedra Press. I had almost forgotten that I’d contributed, so it was a cool and touching surprise. The school I work with is going to have a table at Chicago Zine Fest, so I’ve been getting to help young(er) people learn about and make zines, which is pretty awesome.

    Big Changes
    The reality of the move back to the New England area has started setting in, along with the reality of everything that’s needed to make it happen. So I’ve got my hands and head full with trying to find work and a place to live from 1,000 miles away, while also trying to ensure a smooth transition out of everything I’m doing here. Wish me luck!


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