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Looking for people to brainstorm with who are interested in addressing issues related to violence. Does that sound like you? Please do get in touch!

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Pup Animation Just messing around with a really short animation since I haven’t done one in a long time. Read more →

Redacted #1 | Gore, Al. “The Turning Point.” Rolling Stone 3-17 July 2014: 84. Print. Read more →

Recently, I spent a morning walking around Ping Tom Memorial Park and was surprised to rediscover an old feeling of adventure and curiosity that I hadn’t experienced in a long time. The green, trees, flowers, and tall grass were refreshing, a reminder of a different type of life after being surrounded by so much concrete and glass. The thistle grow Read more →

about me

I am a vegan artist, advocate, and chocolate-lover. Born outside of Boston, raised in Kentucky, and living in Chicago. I am passionate about social justice and have devoted a good chunk of my life to working with youth, queer communities, and people who have experienced violence.

Disclaimer: As with much in life, this bio is subject to change.