• Creative Divergents is back!



    After a prolonged hiatus, Creative Divergents is back with a new look, new features, and new awards! Read on for more about the project’s background and what to expect now.

    What is Creative Divergents again?

    Creative Divergents is an online showcase and competition. Get more details on the FAQs & About page.

    Why did Creative Divergents go on a break?

    Creative Divergents went on a break following the Summer 2012 Showcase for a few reasons:

    • There is one person running this project (me).
    • I was a full-time grad student, working multiple jobs, and dealing with some pretty major life changes.
    • I was (and am) donating all time to make this go, plus covering any expenses out-of-pocket, and could no longer commit the needed resources.

    Why is it back now?

    I’ve been wanting to bring Creative Divergents back for quite some time now and had been working on developing a new site in the random moments I could spare over the past year and a half. Enough of those moments finally happened to finish up the revamped site.

    What’s new?

    There are now two showcases and awards:

    • The IMPACT Award supports creative works that promote positive change, audience engagement, or dialogue.
    • The INNOVATION Award supports creative works that demonstrate innovation in some way.

    The site has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and has new features:

    • Submissions are now posted automatically. (Previously, I manually added each one, meaning there was sometimes a delay of several days before a submission would be added to the showcase.)
    • There are now special displays for submissions with video, audio, and multiple images.
    • You can create your own collection of favorite submissions to return to easily - just click “Add to Favorites” under the title while you are logged in.
    • You can rate submissions using the same criteria that the jury panel uses.
    • Every member of Creative Divergents has a profile page showing their bio, most recent comments, and submissions.
    • You can subscribe to the comments for any submission you are interested in.
    • Probably some other stuff that I forgot about.

    I was a member or submitted to Creative Divergents before. What should I know?

    The revamped site also means some things have changed for previous members / submitters.

    • You will need to register a new account.
    • Go to Claim Account to connect previous submissions to your new account.
    • Previous comments are gone. There was no clean way to keep them before new accounts were established. Sorry!

    That’s it for now. Hope you are excited as I am!


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